Mummies can make their booking as early as 6 months into their pregnancy. Minimally, clients are usually recommended to register for the massage session at least a month before the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD),as slots are limited & confirmation is based on first-come-first-serve basis.

You will need to Fill up the Booking Form via our website & provide the required information. Thereafter, a confirmation deposit is to be made via Bank Transfer or PayNow/PayLah to reserve your desired package. The balance payment will have to be made in full in the 2ndsession of the massage. Strictly no monetary transfer is to be made directly to any of our Therapists.

Do screenshot proof of all your transfers to 90629527.

Prenatal Massage Package:

  • $120 for 3 sessions
  • $150 for 5 sessions

Postnatal Massage Package:

  • $188 for 7 sessions
  • $208 for 10 sessions

Combi Package

  • $308 for 3 x Prenatal + 7 x Post Natal
  • $328 for 3 x Prenatal + 10 x Post Natal
  • $338 for 5 x Prenatal + 7 x Post Natal
  • $358 for 5 x Prenatal + 10 x Post Natal


You can just drop us a WhatsApp or Call Us at 90264070 upon admission to the hospital so that we can have your massage therapist on standby. Thereafter, your commencement date of service will be further arranged along with your available schedule upon successful delivery.

For Prenatal Massage

  • Services can commence any time after 16 weeks of pregnancy &2 weeks before the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD).

For Postnatal Massage

  • For Normal Delivery, services can commence any time after 3 days from the Delivery Date
  • For Cesarean (C-section)/Premature Delivery, services can commence any time after 21 days from the Delivery Date.

Customer must provide & forward any advice/recommendation from her Doctor/Gynecologist pertaining to any complication from delivery for the commencement date to be better accessed. Customer is also advised to seek related approval from her Doctor/Gynecologist.


Your message therapist is a local, English speaking Singaporean with proper Certification & years of Experience in Prenatal &Postnatal massage.

Just drop us a call 1 day in advance & let us know how we can further improve her service. Alternatively, we can also arrange a replacement therapist without any additional charges.

Yes, it is best to take a shower or at least a body wipe before the massage due to hygiene reasons & also to prevent your body from getting rashes.

  • You need to provide an unobstructive, private area in your home setting, as you are required to remove your clothes for massage sessions.
  • You need to arrange a set of beddings, your bed or a floor mattress. We also provide portable massage bed on rentals.
  • You need two large towels- one for cover sheet and another as a blanket.
  • You needtwo small towels – to cover your breast area during massage, and the other one is to clean the excess oil from your body after the massage.

Regretfully No, as for hygiene reasons, it would be better to allow us to use your towels instead.

Yes. We do provide rental of our latest portable massage bed at $5 per day on demand.

From our experience, for best results all massage sessions need to be attended on successive days.

Your request for a specific therapist will be registered, but we do not promise to fulfil your demand. Our therapists work as team members and sometimes feel the inability to accommodate you because of impulsive scheduling from other clients.It is also difficult to appoint a specific therapist as our therapists are usually assigned based on the location (i-e they usual serve clients within their specific assigned region).

Based on our experience,is it desirable to leaveit on each day for about six to eight hoursthroughout the course of your treatment. The binder can effectively help you in improving your body posture & to also gradually reshape it back to your desired body.

It is your choice, but you don’t need, and we also don’t recommend an all-inclusive approach to accomplish an impressive outcome.

A trial session costs $98 & can be granted depending on our availability. If you decide to sign up for our massage package, you will need to notify TM Singapore immediately after your trial sessionso that a slot can be reserved for you.

Most definitely. The extension of your packages will be pro-rated based on the original package that you have signed up.

TM Singapore Postnatal massage, on the contrary, is significant from the perspectives of stimulating and facilitating in lactation, especially in the situation when your breast is enlarged, puffy, or tender; when it is aching due to over production of milk or obstruction. Postnatal massage is a recognized method to relax the muscle and stimulate mammary glands for adequate milk production.

Contact us if you have any queries Traditionalmassagesingapore@gmail.com .