Pre natal Massage

Massage is not a luxury. It’s á way to a healthier, happier, life

What is prenatal massage?

Pregnancy is a both pleasant and horrible experience in every woman’s life. A live fetus thriving in a woman’s body takes nourishment from mom’s blood that creates wellness of an expectant mother. A pregnant woman should be prepared to take this responsibility physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every expectant mother needs to bear the extra weight of the baby in her uterus; her body undergoes muscular and physical changes for growing and delivering the baby. She needs prenatal care for which massage is very useful to keep her fit for the complete nine months of pregnancy. Pre natal massage is an ideal way to provide physical and mental relaxation to an expectant mother. Pre natal massage during pregnancy focuses on changes in an expectant mother’s body and her unique needs. An expert professional massage therapist at Traditional Massage Singapore can provide comforting and relaxing pre natal massage to get rid of all pains, distresses, and fears of pregnancy.

Our competent staff understands common pregnancy problems, such as headaches, back pain, muscle tension, joint pain, and swelling. They will listen to your everyday symptoms before the pre natal massage Leave your worries and talk to them frankly so that our therapists know your experience during pregnancy. They will also ask you about your health condition, food sensitivities, allergies, and emotional issues during pregnancy. Your health information and symptoms will help them to provide personalized pre natal massage treatment with appropriate oils and creams to suit your individual needs.

We at Traditional Massage Singapore aim to provide relief to you for the challenges due to pregnancy-related physical changes with specialized massage therapy. Your stress will alleviate by the soothing touch and nurturing massage by our trained therapists. Our therapists are experienced in resolving health issues, such as relieving muscle joint pain, improving blood circulation, and regulating fluid balance in legs and feet. Our relaxing pre natal massages are helping pregnant women to relieve physical and emotional stress.

Our therapists are knowledgeable, trained, and experienced to massage pregnant women that require utmost caution. They ensure the safety of the baby by avoiding massage on the tummy in the first trimester and selecting appropriate massaging techniques for subsequent semesters. They use light pressure on the sacrum and ankles in pregnant women. Our therapists use Swedish massage, reflexology, and other suitable techniques based on your needs and your specific request. You will feel completely safe and relaxed after a massage by our therapists.

Pregnancy is a critical phase of your life. As a pregnant woman, you may, therefore, be concerned about the safety of your baby. You can feel free to ask about the qualification and experience of the therapists at Traditional Massage Singapore to ensure that you are in safe hands. You can schedule a pre natal massage session once you are fully satisfied. We leave it entirely to you to make a decision of massaging sessions with us.

If you have any questions regarding the qualifications or experience of our therapists, feel free to ask us. We know it is important for you to ascertain that you are in safe hands during this important phase of your life. Schedule a session with Traditional Massage Singapore today.




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Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Your body is just not yours when you conceive, as some other living being has started developing in your body. It is a great achievement, but you experience a new challenge every day. It is a tedious journey where you have a fear at every step. Your baby’s systems are gradually developing that requires changing your self-care regime by including massage to it. Let’s know the reasons.

  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction – Life is already stressful, and inherent changes during pregnancy create more stress. Pre natal massage is a significant method to counter stress, and to feel relaxed physically and mentally. Massage helps to relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce anxiety, and flushing lymphatic fluid. Pre natal massage can help a woman to complete the gestation process without much discomfort.
  • Alleviating Pain and strain – Postural modifications and weight gain are apparent due to uterus growth during the progress of pregnancy that causes strain to the joints, muscles, and ligaments; pain; tightness in hips, pelvis, lower back, and ankles; tiredness. Calf cramps and sciatica in legs and buttocks have a usual occurrence in pregnancy. Load-bearing joints get relief with the massage. Pains and strains can be relieved with gentle stretching and massaging techniques that relax the body and brain. This is where pre natal massage can be very helpful.
  • Better Circulation of Blood – Blood is a lifeline for both mother and baby. The fetus feeds on mom’s blood for growth. Blood and plasma components get an increase to fulfil fetal needs during pregnancy. It causes swelling in ankles and legs. Pre natal massage therapy is excellent for improved blood flow to the uterus and placenta that increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to these parts and removes waste, to ensure improved tissue health of both mother and baby.
  • Preparing for labor – A woman needs abdominal, back, and pelvic floor strength. Muscles should remain relaxed for low-resistance and less painful labor for delivery. Relaxation and self-awareness are necessary for a comfortable delivery process. Muscle and joint flexibility can be increased with a therapeutic pre natal massage during pregnancy that promotes labor and postpartum recovery. It is a primary benefit of pre natal massage that also takes away the fear of the labor process.
  • Improving Respiratory and Gastrointestinal functions – As a fetus grows in size, the enlargement of the uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm; as a result, pregnant women feel short of breath. It also causes problems in the digestive system and cause problems such as nausea and vomiting, indigestion, and heartburn. Pre natal massage can relax tension in the ribcage muscles and diaphragm, creating more space for the baby. It improves respiratory and GI functions.
  • Improved sleep – Just like any other massage, pre natal massage also activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) that causes relaxation and brings sound sleep. Relaxation associated with comfort is the primary reason for long and deep sleep cycles. Improved sleep can resolve many other health issues, and improves fetal growth. Pre natal massage can really help you getting a sound sleep.
  • Relationship health – Support from spouse and family during pregnancy is a genuine requirement of every expectant mother. One must ensure that the mother to be gets Pre natal massage.A pregnancy in a family is a joy for every member. Support from multiple sources takes off the load from the spouse, and a couple feels better. It is good for more relaxation and energy during pregnancy. It is better for both mother and baby.
  • Postpartum Recovery - Pre natal massage increases blood circulation and immunity that supports the functionality of the organs. The benefits of therapeutic massage are not limited to pregnancy but extend to provide support in the postpartum recovery.
  • Make Self-care a Habit – Pre natal massage is a vital part of self-care to support such habits. Creating self-care habits is essential for an expectant mother. So, it is the most important thing for you for decreasing emotional responsiveness and strong attachment with the family. By creating this habit, you and your partner will become a role model for your baby to be born. Making a self-care habit during pregnancy will also help in raising the child in a better way.
  • Fetal well-being and health – What a pregnant woman feels and experiences also goes through the fetus’s body. A fetus, therefore, also feel pain, stress, and pleasure. So, fetal well-being and neurological substance depend on the mother's well-being. An expectant mother should, therefore, refrain from bad things and habits. And she needs to look for good things such as Pre natal massage. Transforming to good habits by a mother is a boon for the baby to be born.

Steps of Prenatal Massage


Phase 1 - Getting Ready

Light Warm up Touch

lower body

Phase 2 - Lower Body Massage

Water Retention Removal

(Legs, Calves & Tighs)


Phase 3 - Mid Body Massage

Muscle Tension & Back Pain



Phase 4 – Upper Body Massage

Peace, Relaxation & Calming

(Shoulders, Arms, Neck & Head)

Prenatal Massage Packages

3 Sessions | Deposit $120 $270
60 minutes Massage
5 Sessions | Deposit $150 $400
60 minutes Massage