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Prenatal Massage Packages

3 Sessions | Deposit $120 $270
60 minutes Massage
5 Sessions | Deposit $150 $400
60 minutes Massage

Postnatal Massage Package

7 Sessions | Deposit $188 $708
75 minutes massage + 15 minutes binding
10 Sessions | Deposit $208 $928
75 minutes massage + 15 minutes binding

Pre Natal Massage

3 Sessions | Deposit $120 $270
60 minutes Massage
5 Sessions | Deposit $150 $400
60 minutes Massage

Post Natal Massage

7 Sessions | Deposit $188 $668
75 minutes massage + 15 mints binding
10 Sessions | Deposit $208 $928
75 minutes massage + 15 mints binding

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Packages

View our packages on the website, and select the suitable one for you. You can make an online booking by filling our Order Form.

  1. Service Duration

For Prenatal Massage

You can join any time after completion of sixteen weeks of pregnancy but two weeks before the Expected Delivery Date (EDD).

For Postnatal Massage

  • You can join any time after three days of normal delivery.
  • The service will be available after two weeks in the case of premature delivery or delivery through Cesarean (C-section) method.
  1. Payment
  • You don’t need to send the deposit with the order that can be made three working days before your joining for the first session of the massage.
  • Balance payment is required to be made at the start of the second session of the massage.
  • Payment can be made in favor of our company via bank transfer or PayNow/PayLah. 
  • The company reserves the right to terminate the service any time if deposit or balance payment is not made on a due date.

                POSB Savings Account – 032618227

               UOB Savings Account – 3821135719

               PayNow/PayLah – 90629527

  1. Order Cancellation
  • You can cancel your order any time before it is processed, and it cannot be reinstated after receipt of cancellation request.
  • You will be charged $88.00 as a cancellation charge.
  • The amount paid with your order will be refunded to you after deduction of a cancellation charge.
  • Balance will be refunded via Internet banking or PayNow.
  • Your deposit for order will not be offset against other services you avail from us.
  1. Service activation
  • You can contact us three working days in advance for activation of the service.
  • Please contact us at 90264070 between 9am to 6pm on working days.
  1. Massage session postponement or rescheduling request
  • You can cancel your massage session on request at least one-day notice before the scheduled massage session.
  • Please contact us at 90264070 between 9am to 6pm on working days for postponement or rescheduling your massage session.
  • Your rescheduling request will be considered only for available massage sessions.
  1. Request for termination of service
  • You can request to TMSG, only in writing, for termination of service, at least one day in advance.
  • You can call us on 90264070 between 9am to 6pm on working days.
  • If you request for termination of service after commencement of massage sessions, the deposit made will not be refunded; the balance will be refunded on as pro-rata basis.
  • Termination request for medical reasons should be supported by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. You deposit will be refunded after deduction of $50.00 as administration fee.
  1. Order reservation
  • The validity of your order reservation will be six months from your EDD or purchase date, whichever is later. It will be deemed void and cancelled after period specified above.
  1. All rates quoted are applicable for Home or Hotel services in mainland Singapore only. Surcharge of $35 per trip applicable for services in Sentosa Island.
  2. Extension of service
  • Extension for massage service is allowed subject to the approval of TMSG.
  • The amount, excluding any promotion or discount, of each session of the selected package will be pro-rated for this purpose.
  1. Massage session holidays
  • Massage sessions will not be held on weekends and public holidays, unless otherwise agreed.
  1. Liability waiver section
  • This general liability waiver agreement is between “the client” and Traditional Massage Singapore Pte Ltd, “the service provider.”
  • Service agreement
  • Whereas under the terms and conditions of this liability waiver agreement, the client consents to avail of the service and facilities provided by Traditional Massage Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • And Traditional Massage Singapore Pte Ltd. hereby agrees to fulfil the client’s demand as per the terms of service.
  • Waiver of Liability clause under the service agreement
  • Under the operations of this agreement the Client hereby absolutely & irrecoverably releases “Traditional Massage Singapore Pte Ltd.” its employees, representatives, agents or assignees from any claims, legal or otherwise, from accidents, injuries, outcome or losses that may occur as a result of the Client’s participation in any such treatments.
  • Client’s acknowledgement
  • The client hereby acknowledges that the Waiver of Liability clause has been carefully read and understood by him, and its meaning and purpose is explicitly clear to him. The Client is voluntarily releasing Traditional Massage Singapore Pte Ltd. from all liabilities arising out of the Client’s utilization of any massage treatments.